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Natures Shapes

Get a custom board built by Mike at Natures Shapes Check out his site and get hooked up with a excellent board. When you're looking for a custom board, Natures Shapes is ready to provide you with a quality board that will take the punishment you can dish out, and still look good when you're stylin' on the perfect wave.

Surf Reporting

Keep an eye on the wave forecasts at SurfInfo There, you check bouy readings and can also get e-mail reports from them when the waves match the conditions you specify.  Mercarta Ocean Mapping Service provides visualizations of wave height, wind, and temperature data. Also bouy reports can be found at Ocean Weather See the tide chart for Long Beach at Tides Online  Check out satellite imagery at Geostationary Satellite Server Or hear the latest updates by calling UnSound Surf at 516-892-7972 or All Season's Surf at 516-431-5431

Surf Lessons

Want to learn how to surf?  First, make sure you are very comfortable in the water and a strong swimmer.  No matter how good you get, Mother Nature will always have the upper hand.  If you are adventurous, just buy a board and start paddling. if you'd prefer, use my Amazon bookstore link to pick up instructional books and videos.  If you desire personal instruction, contact UnSound Surf or Surf2Live  or write to TubeTeach


Surf Injury